Gypsy Rose '77 is a personal website that was born and brought to life out of my love for the traveling, music, and the writing/literature world. I always used to write for other people's websites and webzines, but it was never truly enough nor satisfying a lot of the time. I couldn't truly express myself or my true interests while doing it for other people. I gave up for a few years and while that saddened me it also gave me the opportunity to go out and travel and collect a series of photographs, videos and notebooks full of stuff I would write during those travels and whatever bands or books and writers I found interesting at the time. Since I still had that nagging deep desire to share some of my most cherished memories and experiences from living in those worlds and to do it on MY own, on MY own terms I took the plunge once and for all. So here I find myself now releasing this baby to the world now with the help and inspiration of non other then Hunter S Thompson, Johnny Cash, & Johnny Thunders. It will also be followed by social medias. I'll be updating biweekly on my here. It'll have a little bit of everything on here, but for the most part travel experiences. So stick around it's going to be a wild wave to ride ya'll!!